Laces, always present

Have you ever noticed all the uses we give to the cords in different aspects of our life? Stop so simple in what we almost do not repair but that has infinite utilities. Today it is possible to buy laces online for clothing and also for sewing and all kinds of crafts. These are some of the most common uses of laces.

-Footwear. As much as the shoes evolve, something as simple as the laces does not cease to be necessary and irreplaceable. Even the boots that carry a zipper can have laces to decorate because they are a very important aesthetic component.

Although children prefer to wear Velcro and tend to have some problems until they get used to handling the laces, adults prefer them for their effectiveness and because they are very beautiful, being able to play with their colors and sizes.

-Clothes of clothing. The fake ones that are used during the winter usually have a cord to the waist that adjusts them and also one in the inferior part that helps to close them around the body to avoid the cold.

The same system is used to adjust the hoods on the head or to close the necks of the sweatshirts, adjusting them more when it is cold.

-Cords for glasses. Although they look like old ladies and small children, they are very useful when you use only glasses to see up close. The laces make it easy to know where the glasses are at all times and allows children to play without fear of dropping them and breaking them.

Today there are also beautiful chains for glasses that can even look like a jewelery necklace. Thus, each person can find the model that they like the most.

-For snack bags. The same closure system that we could see in the clothes is also found in the bags of the snack for children, in the easiest backpacks for excursions or in the bags to keep the bread that until a few years ago there were in all the houses.

-Adore in dresses or curtains. Laces can be an ornament in dresses, especially in those more traditional as the typical costumes of each region of Spain. The laces to hold the curtains and curtains also continue to be used in all colors, to combine perfectly with the fabrics.